CHILDREN'S DIGNITY FORUM CDF is the leading organization in Tanzania working
towards the protection and upholding of the rights of
children, particularly the girl child. Through creating
working forums to empower children, young women,
families and the society in general. This goes hand in
hand with developing the capacity and skills to
address Violence against Women and Children (VAWC)
particularly Female Genital Mutilation (FGM),
child marriage and teenage pregnancy.

Latest Updates

CDF is calling for consultancy to collect Evidence on the extent of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)  in Kitunda Ward, Ilala district.

Our Stories

“Before joining CDF I used to consider a woman as just a home keeper and weak because in my community  (Kitunda Ward, Ilala District women

POLICE OFFICER RESCUED A STUDENT FROM SEXUAL VIOLENCE!     Ms. Magreth Lyaro is a Police Gender and children desk officer from Mpwapwa District, Dodoma

Tarime District – Mara Region  Naomi (19 years old), is a married young mother with one child. Her husband is still in secondary school. Naomi

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We may not be able to prepare the
future for our children, but we can
at least prepare our children for the future.
~ Franklin D. Rossevelt.

Sharing our journey, insights and learning. We are happy to share our impact report on #endingchildmarriage in Tanzania, we invite you to be part of this change hoping that #tecmn insights and learning will help to shape your journey too.
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Shirika la Jukwaa la Utu wa Mtoto CDF, Tarime limeendesha tamasha la utoaji wa elimu na michezo mbalimbali juu ya ushirikishwaji kwa wavulana na wanaume ili kuwa mabalozi wa kutokomeza ukatili dhidi ya watoto na wanawake.

Afisa Miradi wa CDF Tarime, Anold Massawe amesema kuwa tamasha la michezo limeenda sambamba na kutoa elimu kwa wanafunzi na jamii, ili kujua na kutambua haki za watoto pamoja na wanaume na wavulana kushiriki kikamilifu katika kutokomeza ukatili wilayani Tarime.

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