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Mnamo Tarehe 17 Machi, Waziri Mkuu wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, Mhe. Kassim Majaliwa alitangaza kufungwa kwa shule za awali, msingi, sekondari na vyuo

      Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is recognized internationally as a violation of human rights, as well as the health and integrity of girls

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Tarime District – Mara Region  Naomi (19 years old), is a married young mother with one child. Her husband is still in secondary school. Naomi

Monica Daniel a 51 years old mother of 3 young girls, got married to her husband at the age of 13 years. Monica lives with

“Being able to run my own initiative has been a great learning opportunity. I have been able to coordinate various activities. Through this project, I

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CDF was part of the launching of KOICA programme entitled ‘Realizing Gender Equality through Empowering Women and Adolescent Girls’ in Msalala District, Shinyanga Region. @UNFPATanzania @unwomenafrica @UN_Women @SemaTanzania

Regional Commissioner Ms Zainab Telack: 'Am informed that on this very ground, there shall be built Segese Bus Stop. I am committing my regional administration to ensure that 50% of all kiosks that will be built here are given to women to boost economic equality.'

@OchanWilfred Officer-in-Charge @UNFPATanzania: 'We come in a partnership of commitment – all aiming to deliver on the collective result that we all want to achieve – a better and more inclusive world for women and girls in Msasala District and Shinyanga Region. #GenderEquality

Katika kufikia maendeleo yenye usawa, ni muhimu kwa wanawake kujishughulisha ili kuinua pato la familia na la nchi.

Happiness, mwenyekiti wa Kikundi cha CDF cha wasichana, Tarime akiwa na @EuphomiaE Afisa Programu CDF, wakijuzana kuhusu mishono tofauti ya kitenge.

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