Meet The CDF Team

Koshuma Mtengeti

Executive Director.

“Investing in girls’ leadership, supportive networks and access to information is critical in improving the lives of girls.”

Koshuma Mtengeti is the Executive Director of the Children’s Dignity Forum (CDF). He is a child rights expert and social science researcher with 17 years’ experience of working with community development and human rights organizations. His areas of technical expertise include designing and managing of the child rights and research programmes, advocacy on policy reform, preparation and administering of the trainings, evaluation and monitoring of programmes. He has managed a number of child rights programmes, researches and trainings on diverse issues; ranging from children rights to education, health, protection and participation to macro-policy issues as well as contemporary issues such as democracy, good governance and poverty in general.

Lennyster Byalugaba

Human Resource & Administration Officer

“The person I am today, is the same person that I dreamt to be when I was growing up… choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

 Lennyster Byalugaba has been a Human Resource and Administration Officer of the Children’s Dignity Forum (CDF) for the past 3 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration and Masters of Arts in Development Management from University of Dar es Salaam. Apart from being a HR, Lennyster has 6 years’ experience on program management, leadership and management skills and human rights issues particularly child rights. She is enthusiastic and passionate about her work.

Frederick Baragwiha

Head of Finance

 “Ever since I was young numbers have always made sense to me and I love money.”

As the head of Finance, Frederick has been responsible for the delivery of high quality financial information for both internal and external entities for Children’s Dignity Forum for the past three years. Frederick has more than 10 years’ experience in the industry of Finance and Accounts, in both Government and NGO’s institutions. Frederick has a Master’s degree in MBA/Corporate Management.

Dorothea Ernest

Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager.

“They say it takes a village to raise a child… But I say it takes a Nation to raise a girl child”

As the Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager, Dorothea oversees and ensures that CDF programs fit for the purpose and meets both external and internal requirements for Children’s Dignity Forum over four years. She is excellent in conducting research, monitoring and evaluation and partnership. In making sure that the organization accomplishes its goals, Dorothea has been coaching number of staff on monitoring and evaluation, conducting research and writing winning proposals and organization reports. Dorothea has Masters of Arts in Economics from the University of Dar es Salaam.

Wilbert Muchunguzi

Operations Manager

Let the children be children; in equality they all deserve a caring hand.”

Wilbert Muchunguzi works with Children’s Dignity Forum in the capacity of Program Operations Manager based at Dar-es-Salaam national office. He comes with more than 15 year experiences in child rights, protection, gender equality, grant making and Human rights based approach development. Previously, Wilbert worked with ANPPCAN in Tanzania and Nigeria, Plan International Tanzania and OAK Foundation. He holds a post graduate dip in Children, Youth and Development from International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands; BA in Sciences of Human Development from Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi Kenya; and pursues Masters in Social Work (Leadership in Emergencies).

Gloria Mbuya

Chief Accountant

 “Call me the Last Air bender, a character from a movie which meant the solution of a problem.”

As the Chief Accountant, Gloria has been supporting the finance department with procurement skills and completing routine clerical accounting tasks for Children’s Dignity Forum for the past Five years. Gloria holds Bachelor Degree in Finance.



Evans Rwamuhuru

Head of Field Operations – Mpwapwa

We need to appreciate children’s rights as vital to a healthier and civilized society. Their views, concerns and interest should inform our plans, priorities and policies

Mr. Evans Anthony Rwamuhuru holds has about 10 years’ experience in child rights sector with extensive knowledge and skills on child protection, child rights governance and mobilizing community actions in ending violence against children. He oversees day-to-day implementation of CDF interventions in Mpwapwa Field Office – Dodoma Region.

We need to appreciate children’s rights as vital to a healthier and civilized society. Their views, concerns and interest should inform our plans, priorities and policies



Amina Alliy

Girls Empowerment Officer

“I believe in being the change we want to see in our communities, beyond that I believe in the power vested in the younger generation to change the narrative and shape our current and future world.   However, in order for the world to experience this substantial change, we all have to rise up to this responsibility.”

Amina is the Girls Empowerment Officer at Children’s Dignity Forum, she is human rights activist and is passionate about working with young people. Based in Dar es Salaam, Amina oversees the Girls and young women empowerment programme and is responsible designing and implementing programmes and strategies aimed at in addressing girls and young women rights and welfare. Amina holds a Hon. Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from Tumaini University Dar es Salaam College (TUDARCO) and pursues a Masters in Laws (LL.M)

Sophia Temba

Program Officer- Child Protection

“Only when you assume full accountability for your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results can you direct your own destiny; otherwise, someone or something else will”

As Program Officer-Child Protection, Sophia has been responsible supervising all activities related to child protection and participation in CDF targeted areas by strengthening child protection structures. Sophia has been working with CDF for the past five years, she has nine years’ working experience on child protection and empowerment program. Prior joining CDF, she worked with Tanzania NGO known as Kiota Women’s Health and Development Organization (KIWOHEDE) since 2010 to 2013, respectively in promoting and reinforcing the rights of children especially vulnerable children.

Yared Bagambilana

Program Officer- Men & Boys Engagement

Yared Bagambilana joined CDF as a volunteer way back in September 2017 where he worked in the Men and Boys Engagement Unit. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Community and Development Studies from Ardhi University, Tanzania. He has previously served as a Community Relations Trainee at a state-run Stamigold Biharamulo Mine in the north western part of Tanzania where he addressed issues of corporate social responsibility.

Currently at CDF, Yared oversees all men and boys engagement activities, and coordinates MenEngage Tanzania Network. Yared believes that everyone has a moral obligation to promote gender equality, and hopes to continue making a crucial contribution to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5: “Gender equality”.

Kiswigo Mwang’onda

MEL Officer

We live in a world full of violence, let us not wait for it to reach us in order to fight it

Kiswigo joined CDF as a Men and Boys Engagement & Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer in January 2017. He holds a BSc. in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania and an MSc. in Development Economics from the University of Birmingham, UK. He has previously served in various livelihoods improvement programs in Tanzania. Currently, Kiswigo oversees all MEL activities by ensuring that the right things are conducted at the right time, quality data are collected, analysed and meaningful conclusions and lessons are drawn.

Winfrida Makuru

Communications Officer

“I need to be the change that I want to see – it has to start with me.”

As the Communications Officer, Winfrida Makuru is responsible for CDF’s strategic communication including overseeing the internal and external communication, managing CDF’s digital platforms, monitoring media mentions and trends as well as strengthening the organization’s brand. Winfrida has a Bachelor’s degree in Law and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Mass Communications.

Michael Jackson

Advocacy and Partnership Officer.

Michael Jackson is the Advocacy and Partnership Officer at Children’s Dignity Forum (CDF) with 7 years’ experience working with children, women and men for gender equality, Lobbying and Policy Advocacy, Media, Transformative Community Sensitization and Human Rights Organizations. He oversee all CDF advocacy, partnership and network activities and is the main contact person at local, national and International level.  He holds a Bachelor of Sociology and Philosophy from the University of Dar es Salaam.

Tafawa Baliwena

Accountant- Mpwapwa

“In pursuit of dignity to every child.”

Formally, with Tarime field office, I am now the Accountant at Mpwapwa field office. It is close to three years with CDF. Previously, I held the same position at Siriana Holdings and Kiota Women’s Health and Development (KIWOHEDE). I am holder of a BA in Finance.

Samson Robert


 “Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me”

Samson Noah has been working at Children’s Dignity Forum (CDF) as a Program Accountant based in Mara Region for over a year. Formerly, he worked as a Program Accountant at WWF Tanzania for 6 years and as an External Auditor at Fincare & Co Ltd for 3 years accumulating a great experience in financial management, budgeting, financial reporting and auditing. Samson holds a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy and has excellent work skills in the field.

Mwika Ally

Assistant Accountant Officer.

 “Call me the Last Air bender, a character from a movie which meant the solution of a problem.”

 As the Assistant Accountant, Mwika has been supporting the finance department in completing routine clerical accounting tasks & basic bookkeeping and accounting duties for Children’s Dignity Forum for the past Five years. Mwika is a Diploma holder pursuing with his Bachelor Degree in Finance & Banking.

Lilian Kimath

Program Officer

“Sky’s is the Limit”

Lilian Kimath is programme officer at Children’s Dignity Forum. Based in Tarime- Mara region. Lilian has 5 years’ experience in entrepreneurship, training women and girls to start their business enterprises. Lilian addresses issues around children’s rights and unleashing young women’s potential. Lilian believes young women can rise from zero to hero, and are able to contribute to positive impact in the community. Before CDF Lilian worked as Programme Facilitator at Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT). Lilian holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology from University of Dar-es-Salaam (UDSM)

Jovitha Alphonce

Program Officer 

“Through Our daily acts of service, we will sweeten and nourish the World with hope and charity”

Jovitha Alphonce is a Program Officer at Children’s Dignity Forum based in Tarime-Mara with 4 years working experience in child rights field. Jovitha has knowledge on planning and implementation of development projects, child protection and engagement of community in development activities. He graduated from Mzumbe University, Morogoro with a Bachelor degree in Science Economics, Project Planning and Management.

Rhoida Shango

Assistant Accountant Officer

If opportunity does not knock, build a door.

Rhoida Milton maintains the day-to-day books of accounts and daily transactions as an Assistant Accountant at CDF. Rhoida is a highly motivated individual who is always willing to put that extra bit of effort into any assignment. Being a holder of Bachelor of Banking and Finance at IFM, she is passionate with books and believes in empowering the girl child.

Clara Wisiko

Program Officer 

The only way to do great things is to love what you do. If you have not found it keep looking do not settle.’’

Clara Wisiko works as Programme officer at Children’s Dignity Forum since March 2017 based in Mpwapwa Dodoma. Clara works includes planning and implementations of all CDF works in Mpwapwa.  Clara holds a master in Sociology of Health.

Arnold Massawe

Program Officer

Anold A. Massawe has been a Program Officer at Children’s Dignity Forum for the past 8 months based in Mpwapwa, Dodoma. Anold works with communities in addressing issues pertaining to children’s rights and welfare. Anold has Bachelor of Laws (LLB).

Asha Salim Ramadhani

Community Worker

 Asha Salim Ramadhani has been a Community Worker at Children’s Dignity Forum for the past 1 year based in Mpwapwa, Dodoma. Asha works with communities in addressing issues around to children’s rights and welfare and empowered girls. Asha has a Diploma in Social Work and Community Development.

Euphomia Edward

Assistant Girls Empowerment Officer

Working with CDF has given me the opportunity I needed to advocate for women and girls rights”

As an Assistant Girls Empowerment Officer, Euphomia Edward has been working to ensure that that girls are empowered socially and economically to achieve their full potential.Before joining CDF Euphomia has been volunteering in educating girls about their rights in her community for the past 5 years. Euphomia holds a Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness.

Nancy Minja

Tuwezeshe Program Officer

 “We rise by lifting others.”

Nancy Minja is an advocate for change, she aspires to see strong young women movements changing the narrative on women’s rights in Africa. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Dar es Salaam. She has a vast experience in working with girls and young women to develop and unleash their potentials through transformational programs which facilitate both personal and professional growth for young women.

Aquinas Alois

Office Assistant

 “Serving others prepares you to lead others

Aquinas Alois is an Office Assistant at CDF; she has been a key in supporting CDF staff to ensure that there is smooth working environment at CDF offices. Moreover, Aquinas’s inner passion on children’s rights has driven her to support different CDF programs. CDF is proud of Aquinas who passionately wrote the first CDF song.

Aminiel Pallangyo


 “You’re the driver of your own life. Don’t let anyone steal your seat.” 

Pallangyo is a Driver, he has over 15 years working experience in the field of driver.  He has worked at the Ministry of Health Community, Development, Gender, Elderly and Children for 8 years, also he worked at TFDA for 2 years. Currently he work at CDF as driver he always support the day to day CDF activities in making sure that things are working smoothly.   He support CDF works in advocating for women and children’s rights in Tanzania.

Mohammed Mseja

Driver Dar es Salaam Office.

“A defensive driver is a common sense driver”

Mohamed has 18 years’ worth of experience as a driver who has worked in the telecommunication sector and judicial agencies in Tanzania. He is currently working and supporting Children’s Dignity Forum at the headquarters in Dar es Salaam and upcountry activities as a driver.

Celina Baragwiha


Celina supports both digital communication and media at CDF for less than a year. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Marketing and she is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Dar es Salaam. Before joining CDF, Celina worked at Jembe Media Limited as a radio host and a reporter. She is passionate about gender equality and equity and she is executing a social action project on

Irene Massawe


“It is   easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.”

Irene Massawe is a Human Rights Lawyer, currently working at CDF.  She provides law technical support on issues concerning to child rights, and assists in coordinating CDF interventions under Child Protection Unit.  She holds a Bachelor of Law from Mzumbe University and she has just completed her practical legal training at Law School of Tanzania. She has over 3-year work experience in the field of women and children’s rights in Tanzania. Her inner passion is to see more young people taking action to promote women’s and children’s rights.

Jenifa Shirima


 ‘Each one of us has a responsibility to make this world a better place.’

Jenifa is passionate about children’s rights and welfare which inspired her to work with CDF. She is instrumental in organizing and overseeing smooth running of the office. Jenifa ensures a clean and safe environment for the office to operate with efficiency and excellence in attaining the vision and mission of the organization.

Hellen Njuyuwi


Hellen is a young woman who is passionate in working with children and women in the community, ensuring they are empowered to access their rights. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the Institute of Social Work. Hellen is forefront in advocating for women and children’s welfare. Additionally, she is part of the Tuwezeshe leadership program where she coordinates a project which aims to inspire girls to become effective leaders.