“Every morning meeting with Police District Commanders and other subordinates, I always ask for feedback from them  on how they are dealing with gender based violence cases, how is the situation and I insist them to take  concrete actions on gender based cases immediately.“ SACP Henry Mwaibambe

SACP Henry Mwaibambe is a Police Commander in Tarime-Rorya police region. SACP Henry Mwaibambe attended a seminar, which Children’s Dignity Forum (CDF) coordinated on issues around women and girl’s rights, child protection, and gender based violence. SACP Mwaibambe explained that the Haki ya Binti Project run by CDF and FORWARD UK has made an impact in Tarime district, there has been increase on reported cases, but also some of these cases have reached judgement and others are pending awaiting judgment. On a personal level SACP Mwaibambe explained that the project has enlighten him and enable him  to see gender based violence as an important issue to address,

“Before being trained on gender based violence cases, I had always considered GBV as a normal issue and I did not give it much of my attention. I considered GBV cases as women issues and did not affect me but after CDF trainings, now I am aware that they are very serious issues and need to be worked on seriously and that is what I do.”