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Children’s Dignity Forum (CDF) with Civil Society Organizations together with members of Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC), we are saddened by

The Tanzania Law of Marriage Act, of 1971 [CAP 29 RE 2002] sets the minimum age at 18 for boys and 15 for girls with

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Call for Consultancy Service to conduct a policy & legal framework scan on the situation of Access to Justice among Child survivors of Sexual Abuse, in Tanzania Criminal Justice System.

Deadline for application: 21st May 2021

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“Our parents say that if a girl is married at an early age, she receives a higher bride price than the older one. They can get between TZS 500,000-700,000 for the younger child. Older girls only receive cooking ware and clothes.” (Girls, under 18 - Dodoma)

“I think parents marry off their children because life forces them to do so.” (Male, 16 yrs - Lindi Rural)

"Nadhani wazazi huwaoza mabinti zao kwa sababu ya hali ya kimaisha." (Kijana wa kiume, mika 16 - Lindi Vijijini)
Je, ndoa za utotoni huinua uchumi wa Kaya?


“Many girls in this village marry after they finish primary school at the age of 14. I was married at 15.” (Female, 17 years old – Shinyanga).

#ZuiaUkatili #EndVAWC

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