Monica Daniel a 51 years old mother of 3 young girls, got married to her husband at the age of 13 years. Monica lives with her husband and children in Komaswa Ward, Tarime District in Mara Region.

In 2018, Monica was informed about Children’s dignity Forum (CDF) as an organization that train women on negative effects of violence against women and children and female genital mutilation (FGM),  “I decided to join the training because deep down in my heart I hated FGM and I did not want my children to go through such painful experience, ” she explained.

CDF informed us on the issues of gender, impact of child marriage, Female Genital Mutilation and child abuse. I also learned on women and girl’s rights and authoritative places to report when children and women are abused,”   She explained.

‘’In December 2018 during FGM season, I managed to escort 8 girls including my 2 daughters to Masanga Centre for protection,’’ she recalls.

Monica continues to break the silence around Sexual and Gender Based Violence in nearby villages and she would like to see a free violence community with equal rights to girls and boys in Komaswa Ward.