Ms. Magreth Lyaro is a Police Gender and children desk officer from Mpwapwa District, Dodoma Region. She has been collaborating with CDF for more than two years in various activities including trainings on the use of GRRS (Gender response and reporting system) in reporting and recording cases of Gender Based Violence.


She was part of men and boys bonanza aiming at raising awareness on the role played by men and boys in ending FGM, child marriage, teenage pregnancy and promoting gender equality through sports and games.

Ms. Magreth shared the progress of the case of a standard seven student from Mtejeta primary school who was being sexually abused. She narrates, “CDF brought the case of standard seven student from Mtejeta primary school (name withheld, for confidentiality purpose), Mpwapwa District. We went to school and asked teachers about the girl and her progress at school, the teachers admitted of being aware about the abuse issue of girl. She told us that the girl was having sexual relationship with a certain man whom they live in same neighbourhood and now she has been missing school and her progress have dramatically dropped.

With head teacher’s consent, we interviewed the girl. She opened up and shared that her bad behaviour and poor performance is because of her sexual relations with a certain man in her neighbourhood which has lasted for long time now. She shared that, that man own a shop and he has been assisting her and her family with some of the needs like sugar, rice, flour etc. because she is living with her grandmother and her family is very poor they can’t afford the basic needs. That man has also been going to her family to talk to her grandmother so the family also knew him and his behaviour but she was warned to talk about it to no one since he will be jailed and he will stop providing for her family,” she said. 

She continues that, “The first day, the man waited for the girl on her way to school and lured her to go with him to his house.  That day they had sex and this continued frequently and it reached a time where the man started sodomizing her. At this point it became hard for her to tolerate and shared with her friends and teachers about the behaviour of that man’’. From there is when the teachers realized about that man and his behaviour towards the girl and they decided to call her parents, who didn’t show any cooperation.

From there, we took the girl to the hospital for check-up and later she was taken for counselling and advice, now she is continuing with her studies, that man has been arrested and his case it at the court.