Income generating activities


The Children’s Dignity Forum has managed to design several training workshops with girls clubs and networks that train girls and young women on entrepreneurial and business management skills, with the main objective of equipping the girls with advanced knowledge and skills on creating and/or expanding their own business. This allows them to both have their own financial sources as well having created something for themselves – thus empowering them – and allows them to make independent decisions for what to use their income for.

Specific examples of the varieties of business activities the girls and young women are involved in and have been established with the support of CDF. These include the following:.

  1. Tailoring – 55 girls
  2. Restaurant – 41 girls
  3. Selling used clothes – 35 girls
  4. Poultry farmers – 32 girls
  5. Selling food at markets – 6 girls
  6. Small shops – 7 girls



These learnt entrepreneurial & business skills have provided employment opportunities to girls and young women, giving them several opportunities and option, including having no longer to be housewives, but rather can decide to become small scale entrepreneurs and business owners, being decision-makers in their own financial matters in particular and in their own life in general.