Idris Mohamed (31) is a member of the CDF Fathers Group in Berege, Mpwapwa District. He has been actively working with fellow members of Fathers Group to raise community awareness in regards to gender equality and positive parenting in the community. One day Idris reported that while conducting community outreaches in February 2019 he received a phone call from the Ward Executive Officer (WEO) for Berege Ward who informed him of a young woman aged 20 (named by report writer as Astha Mayaka) who was neglecting her two children by leaving them at home for long hours unattended and uncared

 “Her two children were all under the age of 5. She has been leaving the children at home alone with her epileptic husband, who unfortunately, was incapable of sufficiently taking care of them when the wife was away to mind her hair plaiting business in town. In ensuring that her children could not go away from home, Astha decided surround her home with a thorny fence for them to remain enclosed and play within the compound,” Idris Mohamed asserted.


Following that issue, Idris decided to discuss the scenario with his members of Fathers Group to take immediate action to rescue the children. Upon successful meeting with the group, it was agreed that two members should go and meet with Astha to enlighten her on the consequence of the previously mentioned phenomenon.

We went back two weeks later and we saw a difference: she was going to work with her children, thereby children started getting closer parental guide and support in whatever challenges they was encountering. In addition to that, Astha was grateful of the awareness she acquired on best ways of protecting children from acts of violence that negatively affected their welfare. She also confessed that if there were CDF group for women to educate community members, she would love to be a member,” Idris Mohamed reported