I believed this was going to be life changing experience for me, the moment I stepped my feet in the TuWezeshe leadership training. I had faith that I was going to be able to change the life of other young girls outside and I believed that I was going to be a leader to the community that surrounds me and change the poor perception that the community has towards women since I am now an empowered young woman,” Lilian Kimathi explained.

Lilian Kimath is a young woman who had an opportunity to join the Cohort1 TuWezeshe Akina Dada Fellowship 2017, we also had opportunity of having a conversation with Lilian to tell us about her TuWezeshe journey, we were interested to know how TuWezeshe may have impacted her or shaped her experiences through the whole year of being a Tuwezeshe fellow.

“First I was so proud to train 50 boys, I was able to revive gender clubs in schools since they were not functioning anymore and mostly I became a leader towards my journey. TuWezeshe has opened so many doors for me especially to my career at VSO as a volunteer, I got nominated in yearly VSO awards as in country volunteer also I had an opportunity to work at DOT(Digital Opportunity Trust),UMATI and NdotoHub this are the centres that I trained young girls and young mothers as entrepreneurs,” said Lilian Kimath.