Child marriage deprives the young girls their right to education and skills to participate on issues on economic developmentHer Excellency Lianne Houben, Deputy Ambassador of the embassy of Netherlands to Tanzania

About girls empowerment

The Girls empowerment program aims at educating, empowering and inspiring girls and young women aged 9 to 19. We empower girls and young women to be resilient change makers in their communities by giving them the right information to access and utilize their rights in order to challenge harmful practices that undermine the rights and dignity of girls and women.

Our efforts are geared towards building the capacity of girls and young women so as to support their self-empowerment process and to empower them to become advocates of change in their communities and address FGM, child marriage and teenage pregnancy.

We believe that when girls are confident about their bodies, ideas, worthiness and their power to bring changes, they have the opportunity to take up spaces and unlock their potential.

what we do

  • Amplify girls and young women voices through in and out of school clubs, to ensure that they are confident and resilient leaders who make informed decisions about their lives.

“I had a lot of misconception on the use of family planning services. I remember I once thought about going for contraception but was afraid after hearing from people on their health impact including causing cancer and infertility. However, after attending training on SRH and knowing the fact behind contraception and the freedom of choice on contraception, I am now free and I can go whenever I feel its right to do so. Also, the knowledge will help me in assisting other girls with fear and I have already started talking to my peers on the facts behind family planning use,” Zawadi Lubeleje, 17 years, Mpwapwa.


  • Provide economic opportunity to girls and young women at risk of, or affected by child marriage, FGM and teenage pregnancy so that they gain economic freedom and increase financial independence.

“I am so grateful that our income generating group qualified for a loan from Tarime District Council Authority. I could not imagine getting a loan to sustain our group’s business of making soap, handbags, wallets and necklaces. Getting a loan of Tshs. 3 million to run our business has moved our business to a higher level. We are now able to respond to huge tenders and participate in business events where we sell more and get good profit,” Mary Oddo, 19 years, Tarime

  • Work closely with professionals (Teachers, Health workers and Police) to provide access to and better support services to girls and young women.
  • Raise community awareness on the impacts of Female Genital Mutilation, child marriage, teenage pregnancy and child rights through media, tournaments and community mobilization events.



TuWezeshe Akina Dada Leadership & Mentorship Programme #WadadaKwanza

“We are committed to create a generation of powerful women leaders in Tanzania by investing in young women”

The TuWezeshe Akina Dada Africa-UK Young Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Movement, is an international program which seeks to empower a generation of African and African Diaspora young women aged 18-26 to become effective leaders in the campaign against sexual and gender based violence. TuWezeshe Fellows benefit from a mentoring relationship with a notable woman-leader with expertise in their chosen field who supports them in the realization of their individual social action project.

What we do

The fellowship program incorporates a leadership training for African-Diaspora women who have a keen interest in SGBV advocacy.

This training has made me realise a lot of things about myself, I have learned to accept the things that I cannot change about myself and focus on my strengths. I always thought I needed to have lots of money to make a change but now I realise that changing one person itself can bring impact to the whole community, so for me I will focus on training young women about their worth and SRHR so that may can be masters of their own lives,” said Rosemary (23), Tuwezeshe fellow (2).

During this training, participants are engaged in concepts of self-awareness, power theories, and effective project management after which, Fellows are equipped with the skills needed and a grant to implement their own social action project. And further bring impact to the lives of girls and young women in their community.

“It’s inspiring to have young women like you coming here to teach us on leadership skills and SGBV. As a young girl I have learnt that I too can make an influence in my community,” Mona Daudi Form 2 student Kitunda Secondary School (Beneficiary of Msichana na Tanzania)

TuWezeshe Fellows benefit from a mentoring relationship with a notable woman-leader with expertise in their chosen field who supports them in the realization of their individual social action project.

“It was exciting for me because I learnt a lot from them and I had a chance to share what I have as well. During my time opportunities for mentorship were very scarce and it was difficult maneuvering in the professional field when you have no one to look up to for assistance or advice. Having the opportunity to mentor these young women made me feel like I have broken a barrier,” Said Marcela Francis (mentor Tuwezeshe)