About girls & young women empowerment

The girls and young women empowerment program aims at educating, empowering and inspiring girls and young women aged 9 to 26. We empower girls and young women to be resilient change makers in their communities by giving them the right information to access and utilise their rights in order to challenge harmful practices that undermine the rights and dignity of girls and women.

The future is not fixed, if we raise our voices we can create a better world for women and girls.” Euphomia Edward, Empowerment, Advocacy & Partnership Officer.


CDF employs an advocacy approach that creates social change and visibility in influencing or engineering change. In carrying out its programs, CDF embraces partnership as one of its core values. CDF collaborates with other CSOs, development partners, academic institutions, coalitions, local and international communities and the government to provide a forum for dialogue and discussion on issues affecting children. CDF is a secretariat of two networks: Tanzania Ending Child Marriage Network (TECMN) and MenEngage Tanzania (MET). CDF is also a member of the NPA – VAWC National Protection Technical Committee representing CSOs and NPA – VAWC Norms and Values Thematic Working Group, Anti-Female Genital Mutilation Coalition, Girls Not Brides Coalition, and National Online Safety Task-Force.

Participation approach by CDF centres on equitable representation of girls, boys, men and women.

CDF’s strategic networking is based on perceived impact or effect of the jointly executed activities, and or its advantages.

CDF’s approaches to capacity building are based on promotion of knowledge development and training events that empower communities and sustain the change process. CDF focuses on promoting change processes that are both transformative and empowering.

CDF has actively used different media channels including Television, Radio, Newspapers and Social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Website to reach out to a wider audience, to educate, promote alternative policies or behavior, or advocate for change on the local and national level. In the arena of ideas, CDF engaged media for advocacy to ensure that communities openly question and confront harmful practices such as FGM, child marriage, teenage pregnancy and other forms of violence against women and children.

CDF has conducted various studies and documented the findings on Child Marriage, teenage pregnancy and FGM. CDF has done Participatory, Ethnographic, Evaluation and Research (PEER), Child marriage survey, National survey on child marriage.

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