Children Councils


By working with different junior councils in Tanzania, the Children’s Dignity Forum (CDF) has held several consultative meetings where children were able to express their views as well as vigorously participate. By collective and submitting these views directly to the local government, CDF actively supports the Child Protection Initiative, securing essential support from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Tanzania in forwarding our Child Protection & Participation programs, as well as succeeding in the establishment of the Child Protection Team at district levels, which is comprised of experts and professionals that ensure children can be assisted in cases of violence and abuse.

As part of the Child Protection & Participation agenda, we have also established a number of children’s councils which has now reached a total membership of 3800 children at a village level, and 540 children at a ward level, allowing children an avenue to express & exchange their views and ideas in a safe & secure way.